Microblading Course in London

Microblading Course

Eyebrows microblading training (Hair strokes with manual tool)

This 2 day Microblading Course is designed for beginners, who have no experience in permanent makeup. The programme will contain all the knowledge that you’ll need to know about how to perform microblading brows. 

  • 2 days personal training
  • ABT accredited qualification
  • Practise on models
  • Infection Control Course online should be completed prior to Course

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For more information please email:  info@alisabeautyworld.com or fill out the form below and send us your request.

Free consultation

Will I be able to learn microblading well? Do I need special education to learn microblading? Will I get hands-on microblading skills? How long does it take to learn microblading? Is it possible to learn a microblading course in London?

We hear a lot of these questions from you. Yes there are necessary requirements to start learning microblading. And you can always ask your questions before you start. Just fill out the form and get a free consultation on the microblading course.