Facial Cleansing​

Facial Cleansing

Deep facial cleansing use removes blackheads, impurities, dead cells, and milium from the skin. It characterized the appearance of small white or yellowish balls on the skin, prominent on the face. And, fixed two months, in the case of regular and dry skin, and once a month in combination and oily skin or acne.

Cleanse the Skin

  • It consists of removing makeup and cleansing the skin by applying cleansing lotion to help remove oil and some impurities from the skin.
  • And, products with Aloe vera and green tea excellent options detoxifying the skin. The lotion applies hand with gloves over the entire face.
  • And, it gauze use spread the product over the entire face, in circular motions.

Open Pores

  • The opening pores usually made the application of ozone steam or water vapor. The steam helps soften the skin, facilitating the removal of blackheads and impurities.
  • Mask applies the soften even more superficial skin. The water or ozone vapor last from 5 to 10 minutes, and during this period.
  • The esthetician massage the hands or head of the person receiving the treatment, making the moment more pleasant and relaxing.


  • The exfoliation serves the superficial layer of the skin and dead cells, facilitating blackheads and impurities from the next step.
  • In people with inflamed pimples, this exfoliation only is done with a specific product. In all other situations exfoliating cream use the microspheres.
  • It pressed the skin, favor the extraction of dirt. Circular movements with gauze are essential to remove as many blackheads as possible from the face.
  • And open the pores. Water and a clean gauze use remove the product, preparing the skin for the next step.

Extract Blackheads

  • Extraction blackheads complete manually and it, gauze or with a piece of cotton moistened with antiseptics lotion.
  • And it is pressing the indices in the opposite direction. Once the million extracted it, microneedle must pierce the skin and press, removing the sebum ball from it.
  • And this procedure takes up to 30 minutes and generally in the T-zone, in the following order, nose, chin, forehead, then cheeks.
  • After manual removal of blackheads and millions, a high-frequency device applies it, helps the skin heal and calm down. But another way good cleansing of the skin, removing impurities much as possible.
  • A professional treatment called ultrasound skin cleansing, which uses ultrasound equipment, reaches the skin’s deepest layers.

Soothing Mask

  • A mask, usually calming applied depending on the skin type around 10 minutes, helps reduce redness and soothe the skin.
  • It removes the use of the water, and clean gauze use circular movements. During the performance, manual lymphatic drainage performs on the entire face helps remove redness and swelling.

Application of Sunscreen

  • The skin is more sensitive than usual. Sunscreen is essential to protect the skin from sun damage and prevent dark spots from appearing on the skin and arise. The person becomes exposed to the sun or ultraviolet lights.