Laser carbon peel

Laser Carbon Peel

The laser beam operates according to the principle:

  • delicate effect on the skin, removal of dead epidermal cells;
  • treatment of acne, acne, acne, rashes and other skin diseases that carry an inflammatory effect;
  • the fight against age spots;
  • restoration of skin metabolic processes and lipid metabolism;
  • narrowing of enlarged pores;
  • stimulation of collagen and elastin fiber production processes;
  • starting regenerative processes in cells, anti-aging effect on the skin, elimination of wrinkles bringing skin to tone and health.

Carbon face peeling in one session will bring the face into tangible order.  As a result, your skin will be healthy, clean and radiant.


  • skin type is oily and problematic;
  • enlarged pores;
  • fine and deep wrinkles are present;
  • there are cosmetic skin imperfections or age spots;
  • dull complexion.